Air & Dirt Separators

Air and Dirt Separators Details

The American Wheatley HVAD High Velocity and STAD Standard Velocity Coalescing Air & Dirt Separator is intended for use on commercial HVAC, institutional, and industrial applications to remove entrained air and particulate from system water. We accomplish this with the use of a High-Performance saddle ring coalescing assembly internal to the separator.


Air and Dirt Separators Features

Standard Features

  • HVAD – High Velocity up to 33457 GPM
  • STAD – Standard Velocity up to 14905 GPM
  • Available with or without removable cover
  • Stainless steel coalescing media
  • Skim and drain valve connections standard
  • Available 2″ through 16″, with larger sizes POA
  • Particulate removal to 35 micron
  • Rated 150PSI WP 2″-12″, 125PSI WP14″-16″ with higher pressures available
  • Constructed in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

Air & Dirt Separator Operation and Maintenance Instructions

Air & Dirt Separators

MG – Magnetic Option for Air Separation Devices

Air & Dirt Separator Prices