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Air Purgers Scoops Details

Air Purgers Scoops, The American Wheatley AS Series air scoop operates on the premise that air will rise in the piping and then into the air scoop, being directed to the top opening and out of the system through an air vent or to an expansion tank. Since the proper operation of this type of air separator is also dependant on velocity, sizing this type of air separator is a function of proper flow rate. This type of air separation is best suited for residential and light commercial applications. American Wheatley AS Series air scoops is readily available from stock.


Air Purgers Scoops Features

Standard Features

  • Available in heavy cast iron construction in sizes 1″ to 3″, 4″ through 12″ are fabricated carbon steel flanged units
  • Taps are provided for expansion tank and air vent connection
  • Maximum working pressure of 125 PSIG
  • Maximum operating temperature of 450° F

Cast Air Purgers-Scoops

Flanged Air Purgers-Scoops

Air Scoop Prices

Flanged Air Purgers-Scoops (AP) – Model (.SAT) Files