ASME Vertical Blowdown Tanks

The Wheatley VBD Series vertical blowdown tank is designed to reduce the temperature and pressure of oiler blowdown water to a safe level where it can be expelled to a municipal sewer system drain. Equipped with a tangential inlet and a wear plate, as the boiler blowdown water enters the VBD it flashes to steam, condensate then flows into the VBD while the flash steam is vented through a top vent. As the condensate level rises, it reached the outlet port and flows to the drain. In the case where the condensate is too hot to safely be discharged to the municipal sewer system, American Wheatley can supply an optional Temperature Control Valve that can introduce city water into the tank to cool the condensate. When sizing a VBD blowdown vessel, the tank size should be equal to 2X a single blowdown cycle water volume of the boiler, whereas the boiler water level is reduced by not less than 4″ minimum.

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Standard Features

  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Latest Edition construction, 125 psi
  • Tangential inlet with wear plat
  • Optional Features

  • Higher working pressures available
  • Temperature control valve to maintain proper blowdown temperature
  • Gauge glass
  • Man-way (standard on 42″ diameter and larger)
  • Painted Exterior, Epoxy Coatings