Balancing Valves

Balancing Valves Details

American Wheatley Balancing Valves are designed for installation in hot water heating and chilled water air conditioning systems and serve to achieve a hydronic balance between the various circuits of the system. We offer several kinds of Balancing Valves like Globe Style Flanged or Threaded style design for precise Balancing and Low-pressure drop toggle operation. The dezincification-resistant brass and bronze components are standard. Balancing Plug Style or Curved Plug Style. With several options available American Wheatley has the right Balancing Valve for you. Consult with our staff for availability on specific options.


Balancing Valves Features

Standard Features

  • Globe-style design for precise balancing and low pressure drop
  • Hidden memory protects precise balance setting during on/off operation
  • Positive shut-off
  • Pre-balancing capability saves time
  • 1/2″ – 8”

Optional Features

  • Differential pressure meter
  • Grooved connections available

Plug Style
Standard Features

  • Compact design, quarter turn operation
  • Easy to read flow indication plate
  • Gear operator standard on 10” and larger models
  • Maximum working pressure of 175 psi
  • Ideal for HVAC hydronic balancing
  • Adjustable memory stop standard on 2 1/2” through 8”
  • Schrader style test port connections for balancing
  • Maximum working temperature of 250°F

Balancing Valve – Globe Style – Flanged

Balancing Valve – Readout Procedure Installation & Operation Instructions
Flanged Globe Style Balancing Valve Curves

Balancing Valve – Globe Style – Threaded

Balancing Valve – Plug Style

Plug Style Balancing Valve Curves

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