Check Valves

HVAC Check Valves Details

American Wheatley Wafer Style Non-Slam Check Valves are designed to automatically prevent back-flow in systems where it is desirable to permit flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. When the pump starts and the downstream flow creates the required pressure drop in the forward direction, the disc will automatically open. When the pump stops and the flow ceases, the force of the spring will automatically close the disc prior to flow reversal. This creates a positive shutoff against flow reversal and minimizes system surges and water hammer.

For additional information regarding American Wheatley’s Wafer Style Non-Slam Check Valves, please refer to published catalog information.


HVAC Check Valves Features

Standard Features

  • Silent check valves are engineered for silent operation, low head loss
  • Shortest feasible face to face dimensions
  • Lightweight, space-saving wafer design
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Drop-tight seating
  • Functions equally well in all positions
  • Cast iron body/bronze or stainless steel
  • Simple flange-supported installation

Check Valve – Wafer Style Non Slam

Check Valve – Flanged Globe Style Non Slam

Check Valve – Dual Disc Non Slam

Wafer Style Check Valve – Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Globe Style Check Valve – Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Dual Disc Check Valve – Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Wafer & Globe Style Check Valve Prices

Wafer Dual Disc & Inline Check Valve Prices