Dual Control Valves

Dual Control Valves Details

American Wheatley Dual Control Valves automatically maintain system pressure, also the Reducing Valves are equipped with a “fast-fill” lever that can be used to override automatic closing during purging. The Dual Control Valve consists of a Reducing Valve with an in-line pressure relief valve connected at its outlet end. Our Dual Control Valve is constructed from cast iron and can be adjusted for pressures between 10-25 psig. With a maximum operating pressure of 30 psig for the relief valve and 100 psig for the reducing valve, our Dual Control Valve is perfect for your next project or replacement. For more information on Dual Control Valves reference the catalog sheets tab below this. Consult with our staff for availability.


Dual Control Valves Standard Features

  • Combination relief and pressure reducing valve
  • Adjustable pressure range 10-25 psig
  • Preset pressure at 12 psig
  • Maximum working temperature of 212°F
  • Maximum operating pressure of 30 psig for relief valve and 100 psig for reducing valve

dual control valve

Dual Control Valve

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