Flex Pump Connectors



Rubber Flex Pump Connectors
Standard Features

  • Reduces vibration and noise in piping system
  • Controls thermal movement, pulsation, misalignment and electrolysis
  • Standard construction of chemical resistant elastomers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, and EPDM
  • Floating flanges drilled or tapped to mate with 150# companion flanges
  • Stainless Steel Pump Connectors
  • Standard Features

  • Stainless steel corrugated inner tube and outer shield of wire braid Stainless Steel – 300 Series
  • Steel fixed flanges ASA 150 lb.
  • Maximum working temperature 850°
  • Pressure safety factor of 4:1
  • Rubber Flex Connector – Single

    Rubber Flex Connector – Double Sphere

    Rubber Flex Connector – Double Union

    Stainless Steel Connector

    Rubber Connector installation & Operation Instructions

    Stainless Steel Connector installation & Operation Instructions

    Elastomeric Connector installation & Operation Instructions

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