Glass-Lined Hot Water Storage Tanks

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Standard Features

  • Non-cfc foam insulation A full 2” of foam (R-16) exceeds the insulating value of 5” of 1/2 lb. density fiberglass insulation and gives extra jacket rigidity.
  • Vitraglas® lined tank Storage tanks are protected from the corrosive effects of hot water by an exclusive ceramic porcelain-like coating. Vitraglas® provides a tough interior surface for storage tanks, which must withstand the wearing effects of high volume and high temperature hot water.
  • Factory installed dielectric waterway fittings No dielectric fittings or unions needed.
  • Side T&P valve opening.
  • Two magnesium anode rods For more even distribution of corrosion protection and longer service life.
  • Hand hole cleanout For removal of accumulated lime and sediment deposits.
  • Solid brass drain valve.
  • Five year limited warranty on steel tank Heavy gauge steel automatically formed, rolled and welded to assure a continuous seam for glass lining. Each tank is triple tested to ensure quality.
  • One year limited parts warranty on parts.
  • Glass-Lined Hot Water Storage Tanks – Small Commercial 80-200 gallon

    Commercial Hot Water Storage Tanks – Large Non-insulated 175-5695 gallon

    Commercial Hot Water Storage Tanks – Large Jacketed and Insulated 175-1040 gallon (large sizes available)

    Large Series Glass Lined-Foam Insulated Storage Tank

    Glass-Lined Tank Prices