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American Wheatley Flex Pump Connectors come in three categories, Rubber Flex Connector, Stainless Steel Connector, Elastomeric Connector. Our Rubber Flex Connector has three variants: single, Double, and Double Union. Furthermore, the Rubber Flex Connector Reduces vibration and noise in the piping system and controls thermal movement, pulsation, misalignment, and electrolysis. Our Stainless Steel corrugated annular corrugated metal is surrounded with a woven wire braid of high tensile stainless steel. its high pressure and temperature capabilities absorb pump vibration and noise reducing piping stress. For information regarding our Elastomeric Connector or you are looking for additional information on the other Flex Pump Connectors please reference the catalog sheets tab below and view the appropriate PDF. Consult with our staff for availability.


Pump Connectors

Rubber Flex

  • Reduces vibration and noise in the piping system
  • Controls thermal movement, pulsation, misalignment, and electrolysis
  • Standard construction of chemical-resistant elastomers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, and EPDM
  • Floating flanges drilled or tapped to mate with 150# companion flanges
  • Stainless Steel Pump Connectors

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel corrugated inner tube and outer shield of wire braid Stainless Steel – 300 Series
  • Steel fixed flanges ASA 150 lb.
  • Maximum working temperature 850°
  • A pressure safety factor of 4:1

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Rubber Flex Connector – Single

Rubber Flex Connector – Double Sphere

Rubber Flex Connector – Double Union

Stainless Steel Connector

Rubber Connector installation & Operation Instructions

Stainless Steel Connector installation & Operation Instructions

Elastomeric Connector installation & Operation Instructions

Rubber Flex Pump Connector Single Prices

Rubber Flex Pump Connector Double Prices

Stainless Steel Pump Connector SS/SM Series Prices

Stainless Steel Pump Connector SL/ST Series Prices