Air Receiver/Vertical Large Chill Water Storage Tanks



Lined Tanks (Cement and Epoxy)
“EPOXOLINE” – This superior tank lining has excellent resistance to corrosive hot water.
The polymer structure is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has excellent resistance to thermal shock and conforms to US FDA & USDA requirements for coatings in contact with food and drinking water.
Service capabilities for potable water up to 180° F. dry and wet temperature.
“CEMENTLINE” – Another time tested lining for protection against corrosion in steel hot water tanks.
Wendland’s cement lining is specially formulated hydro-plastic cement for withstanding corrosive hot water to 212° Fahrenheit.
Lined Tanks (Glass)
For storage of domestic & non-domestic cold or hot water

  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Baked on glasslining process on interior provides years of reliable service
  • Vertical ASME Air Receiver/Chill Water Storage Tanks
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Maximum Temperature 650º F
  • Primed & Painted Exterior
  • Air Receiver/Vertical Large Chill Water Storage Tanks

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