Y Strainers and Baskets

Y Strainers and Baskets Details

American Wheatley offers a huge assortment of Y Strainers and Baskets, a few include Basket Strainers, Cast Iron Flanged, Fabricated Basket, Y-Type, Cast Iron Flanged, Y Type CI & Bronze Threaded, Y Type Stainless Steel Threaded, Fabricated Y-Type Fabricated T-Type. Our strainer materials consist of Stainless Steel Perforated Steel, 304 Stainless Steel has good corrosion and abrasion resistance as well as weldability and formability. It’s often used in chemical and food-processing equipment. For more information on an individual item listed or drop charts reference the catalog sheets tab below this. Consult with our staff for availability.


Y Strainers and Baskets Features

  • Y-type flanged, sizes 2” through 24” ASNSI Class 125 and 250
  • Y-type threaded, sizes ½” through 3” cast iron or bronze body available
  • Flanged basket, sizes 2″ through 24″, cast iron body ANSI Class 125 or 250
  • Dual basket type, sizes 2” through 16” ASNSI Class 125

Basket Strainers, Cast Iron Flanged

Fabricated Basket

Fabricated Dual Basket

Y-Type, Cast Iron Flanged

Y Type CI & Bronze Threaded

Y Type Stainless Steel Threaded

Fabricated Y-Type

Fabricated T-Type

Strainer Material

Y Type Strainers – Flanged & Threaded Pressure Drop Chart

Fabricated Basket, Pressure Drop Chart

Fabricated T-Type Strainer Pressure Drop Chart

Cast & Ductile Iron Strainer Pressure Drop Chart

Basket,Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Y Type Strainers Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Y Type & Basket Flanged Strainer Prices

Y Type Threaded Strainer Prices

Dual Basket Type Strainer Prices


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