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Price lists for specific products can be found on each product's page, or you may download our complete price list in PDF format here.


American Wheatley's Master Product Catalog is available for download. Please note this is a very large PDF file, about 200 MB, so we do not recommend just clicking on the link to open it on a browser page. The best way to download will vary by browser, but typically you will right-click and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".

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Did You Know...

What is the function of the tank in a hydronic system?

Why do we need tanks in hydronic systems?

That American Wheatley offers two types of balance valves, both Globe and Plug style?

That American Wheatley offers a full line of chilled water (AWCBT) and hot water (HS) buffer tanks, both stock and custom sizes?

That American Wheatley stocks both rubber and stainless steel flexible connectors IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT?

We have the answers to your questions on Triple Duty Valves?

Helpful Hints

Helpful Formulas

Glycol Correction Factors

Screen Sizes Reference

Air In Water Solubility

ANSI B16.1 P/T Chart

Chilled and Hot Water Buffer Tank Sizing

Convert Compression Tank To Bladder Type Expansion Tank

Correction Factors For Clogged Screens

Interactive Tank Sizing

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